Compliance Simplified
We handle everything for you under one roof. Let us streamline affordable housing for you.
Affordable Housing Made Easier
FoxFace Systems, Inc. was built by property management professionals for property management professionals. The industry is in a desperate need of cost-effective, stand alone technology that allows residents to go through the compliance intake process, the recertification process and the self-certification process free of property management intervention. Our technology allows for more concentrated focus on our applicants, our residents and our properties.
Features to Meet All of Your Compliance Needs
Designed with you in mind. No longer face the pain and frustrations of affordable housing certifications. Contact our team to learn more about our features.
Streamline Compliance Operations
FoxFace Systems empowers residents by asking the compliance intake questions in layman’s terms. Our software is approachable and allows residents tocomplete an initial intake, a recertification and a self-certification with minimal the assistance of an on-site manager.
Speed Up Your Lease Up
FoxFace Systems was designed during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Our team was asked to change the way our industry handles the lease-up process. Our solution is to allow residents to quickly go through the in-take process, provide information for all third party verification, then allow the system to contact each provider in order to complete a compliance packet.
Empower Communities

FoxFace Systems builds community one intake, one re-cert, and one self-cert at a time. By allowing residents to complete this process, we allow them to get into housing faster or keep the housing that they already have. We believe that stable housing promotes a healthier community. Empowering residents is where that begins.

Tested Solution, Backed by Industry Experts
Alicia and Joe Vennes have spent their careers working in the housing industry/property management. FoxFace Systems, Inc. was designed with the clients in mind. In addition to founder experience, the team has had extensive conversations with their network of housing authorities and affordable housing providers in the Portland, Oregon Metro Area, Oregon Housing and Community Services, Multifamily NW, Washington Multifamily Housing Association, affordable housing associations in several states and building owners, developers and affiliated members of the industry from Oregon, Washington and California.                      
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